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                                                                                      We are part of "the ramblers" which is a registered charity
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Manchester and Salford Ramblers

Further details about Manchester's Green Corridor

Manchester’s Green Corridor Walking Route was established in 2012. It is a partnership of Manchester City Council, the NHS, Red Rose Forest, the Ramblers Association, Living Streets and TfGM. The Green Corridor is a walking circuit made of 14 routes which circumnavigate the City of Manchester and connect many of the City’s parks, woodlands and open spaces.
It is the first project of its kind in the UK.

The aim of the Green Corridor is to create a high quality walking route across the City of Manchester via its Parks and open spaces that will:

  1. increase usage of the parks, woodlands and open spaces which will make them livelier and as a consequence safer (less anti-social behavior), sustainable and more inviting places for people to visit;
  2. encourage healthier lifestyles and reduce car usage by promoting walking routes that are accessible to everyone.

Latest News

Great news from the ramblers! They have agreed that although routes over 3 miles are considered 'members benefits' an exception is to be made in this case for all sections of the Manchester Green Corridor to be treated the same way and to be accessible to all. This issue has been discussed at length internally and, I am happy to report, that because this is an excellent urban walking initiative aimed at getting people out walking, a huge amount of work has gone into it from your group and it is hoped that a new audience of walkers may be attracted both to your website and to the Ramblers website as a result, a decision has been made to make an exception in this case and to make all segments 'free' to all on 'Ramblers Routes'
Well done to all involved in checking these routes!!

For more information please go to the following unavailable

While the pamphlets are unavailable online there is a summary version available

Pamphlets are available from our secretary email sec.mandsramblers@gmail.com