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Welcome to the homepage of the Manchester and Salford Ramblers,
a local group of the Ramblers Association.

The Ramblers' Association

If you live in or around Greater Manchester and Salford, and enjoy hiking/walking, then this is YOUR group.

We offer a varied programme of weekly walks and hikes taking advantage of the excellent walking country surrounding Greater Manchester and Salford.

Thursday, February 22nd Walk 2 of the Salford Trail. More Details here
Next Saturday Walk: February 24th, East Didsbury to Sale Water Park. More Details here
Next Tuesday Walk: March 13th Mossley circular.More Details here
Next Monday Walk: March 19th Short walk, Stretford to Urmston Linear.
Next Social Tuesday March 20th the Scuttlers Tour with Emma Fox. More Details here

Find out more about the Salford Trail here

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Natural Are you going on one of TfGM's Winter Walks

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Next Newsletter

The latest Newsletter (February 2018) is out and is well worth reading so you can keep up with what members of the group have been doing There's some interesting round-ups of walks with lovely pictures, a list up-coming walks plus information on local campaign activities, so get reading!

Other News

RHS Bridgewater


In the RHS magazine there is an article about the launch of an oral history project to gather memories of those who lived, worked and played in the grounds of Worsley New Hall.
If so you can email : bridgewaterfeedback@rhs.org.uk

TfGMʼs Winter Walks 17 - 25 February 2018

We have put 3 walks in this years TfGM Winter Walks

You can find all of the TfGM Winter walking week walks here

Feedback from the 2017 Autumn walking week

Carbon Landscape

The Carbon Landscape is changing the way in which we approach landscapes and communities in Wigan, Salford and Warrington. The new Outdoor Champion programme will engage with natural and cultural heritage through structured health walks within the flashes, moss lands and wetlands corridor of the carbon landscape.
To take part, or if you'd like more information, please contact tracy.morris@ihlmail.org
or have a look at the website Carbon Landscape

Building better places for walkers

Think about the places you walk everyday - to work, to shops or to the park. Do you alter your route to avoid streets with narrow pavements? Are there particular roads you fear because the crossing points are in the wrong place or non-existent?
At some point, most of us will have been put off walking because of the design of the built environment. Walking is a popular form of transport in urban areas, but there are still too many short journeys being made by car which could be made on foot. For example, research from Transport for London revealed that Londoners make 2.4 million daily journeys by motorised transport (mostly car or bus) that could be walked, increasing pollution, congestion and danger to people who do walk or cycle.
So how can we persuade more people to walk for short journeys? We think the answer, in large part, is to shape the built environment to make it easier to do so. To better understand how we can achieve this, weʼve partnered with the Local Government Information Unit (LGIU) to investigate how local authorities - who have significant influence over built environments in towns and cities - work with developers to make new developments more "walkable".
This research found that the vast majority of local authorities are keen to create better walking infrastructure in new developments, and sometimes manage to do this by having clear policies and targets for walking; good relationships and early discussions with developers; and having confidence to use the planning tools at their disposal.
Local authorities also cited barriers to creating better places for walking, including lack of resources in council planning departments and the need to clearly establish the economic value that connectivity can bring to a development, to challenge developer claims that improving the walkability of a development is too costly to undertake.
Over the next few years, we can expect our towns and cities to change rapidly in response to the Governmentʼs plans to deliver more housing. The changes that are coming present both a threat and an opportunity for the walking environment.
We need to have a public conversation about the type of places we should build not just the numbers of homes delivered. The Ramblers wants to work with councils and developers to make sure that new commercial and residential developments deliver benefits for walkers, enhancing peopleʼs connectivity with the area they live in and giving more back to communities.
Have you come across any newly developed urban areas that you think are particularly walkable? Weʼd love to hear from you.
Email policy@ramblers.org.uk or share your thoughts with us on social media.

Article from "the ramblers" by Kate Conto

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Keep up with Ramblers' Campaigns

It's also really important that we remember that the Ramblers is NOT just about going on lovely walks (great as that is!); the Ramblers is also a campaigning organisation on a range of issues.

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The Ramblers' Association