Manchester and Salford Ramblers

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Important information

Non members are welcome to join the Ramblers as guests on up to three occasions, though if they walk with a Group regularly they will be expected to join the Ramblers Association.

The Area walks make use of public transport to get to the start points. Because of this they will not take place if, for any reason, the intended transport is cancelled.

Always check transport times near the date of the walk with the walk leaders or by calling:

0161 228 7811 for buses and trams.
08457 484950 for trains.

Sunday Walks

These are generally of a moderate grade. Any queries, please contact Jeff Lewis 0161 766 4683.

Wednesday Shorter Walks       These are of a moderate grade and do not exceed 8 miles.

Any queries, please contact Gordon Campbell 0161 973 3859.

Wednesday Longer Walks      These are more strenuous than the Wednesday Shorter Walks and can be longer than 10 miles

.Any queries, please contact John Rattray 07813 241766.

 The Area Walks Programme can be found here

Wednesday, January 23, 2019