Manchester and Salford Ramblers

a link in the Greater Manchester and High Peak Area

The Rambler Bus (the 356)

The Rambler bus (the 356) was introduced in May 2018. The service runs on a 16 capacity small bus (minibus size but all low floor and accessible like a regular bus). It runs from Greenfield Station to Denshaw via Uppermill, Diggle, Dobcross and Delph and takes about 25 minutes end to end. The service is every hour (giving it half an hour to do each leg of the journey)

 The service is tied in with the train times – arriving at the station in time to allow people to get off the bus and get a ticket and then leaves a few minutes after the train has arrived (we stretched this time as much as possible to give time if the train is late)

As well as being timed to allow easy interchange with the train the bus can also be used to interchange with the 184 and 350 bus for people coming from Oldham or Ashton.

Part of the rationale behind this service was to improve public transport access to areas of Saddleworth for hikers and walkers. The fact that the Rambler allows visitors to easily visit most areas of Saddleworth to go walking is a huge benefit to the area (as well as local businesses like pubs and cafes)

This is a potentially invaluable service for walkers both within Saddleworth and those visiting the area from further afield (as it is timed to connect with the train and also connects with the more ‘mainline’ bus services).

The Rambler Bus Timetable


Wednesday, January 23, 2019