Manchester and Salford Ramblers

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Manchester to Chorlton Walking and Cycling route

Known as the Chorlton Cycle way- The consultation on this ambitious project is now open.

It would be good to get as many Ramblers who have an interest in this to go to events and/or fill in the consultation on line

.Manchester and Salford Ramblers statement

Dear Rambler

As you will know we have welcomed the proposed Chorlton to Manchester Walking and Cycling route – as part of the overall effort to encourage more people to walk and cycle, to improve health, reduce congestion and tacking the crisis of air quality.

Please find attached a note that sets out comments I have entered on line in response to the consultation. The comments were drawn up with help from fellow Chorlton Ramblers who have walked and cycled the route, noting areas for action.
The proposals are facing opposition and it is vitally important that voices of support are heard in the consultation.
The consultation is open until 11th January and I would urge as many colleagues as possible to go online to support the plans – and to encourage friends and family to also get involved! Please also share on social media, the document is also on our national web site: click this for link. I have sent this e mail to those Chorlton Ramblers that I have e mail addresses for, please forward to colleagues that I have missed.
I have set out below a guide to using the online form, with options depending on how much time you have. You would need less than a minute to do the basic entry and if you entered the maximum information it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.

Thank you in anticipation – and Happy New Year!
Alan Manning


 Go to the proposal

Using the online consultation form

Scroll down the page and click on the red button marked “Give us Your Views”

Then click “Begin This Form”

There a number of options for the area “you wish to comment on”.

The simplest is to select the last one, “The whole scheme”, and click “next”.

You are then asked Do you agree or disagree with the proposals – we would like you to tick “Agree”.

There is then a box for any specific comments you wish to make. 

You can either enter your own or copy and paste some of the comments in the Introduction to the attached paper.

Press “next” again and you are asked to enter your postcode and if you want to you want to be kept in formed – if you say yes to being kept informed you are asked for an e mail address, pressing “Next”, brings up confirmation of what you have entered so far and if you are happy you can then click “submit form”.

If you wanted to add comments on any or all of the sections, when you had clicked “begin this form, you could select a section to comment on and the process is then the same as above.

When I commented on all the route, I started at Area 1 and copied and pasted the comments in the attached paper for Area I, at the end of that form you are asked if you wanted to comment on another area, so I selected Area 2, and copied and pasted again, and so on through the remaining two sections.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019